Godfather Program

Tian Long Guan International; godfather program

Did you just arrive at Switzerland; most likely Region of Basle/Basel? Is it quite difficult for you to get settled? For most of us, if we travel or are getting businesswise appointed, first steps are never easy…especially if we have to take care for a safe and secure invironment. Tian Long Guans founder, Zong Shi Damian Mohler, travels and works the world since decades; this challenges are familiar to him. Being open minded towards foreigners and Switzerlands needs having a well “come together” to aim higher goals, we’ve just established what we did since years: To welcome “Switzerlands newbies” within our Associations network and helping them to get settled.

Become a member and getting access to our “godfather program”: Either you become a passiv or active member of our Association (Links)

Being an active member and choosing classes it will be very easy to get linked to others

Being a passive member (membership) we invite you to have an exchange straight with our founder Zong Shi Damian Mohler; knowing each others need will help each other to get to know each other much better

Any further questions? Don’t hesitate to send an short email to info@tian-long-guan.com

Yours in the Arts,
Zong Shi Damian Mohler and Team